What is L.E.A.P.?

Legal Equity and Power ("L.E.A.P.") is a group of individual attorneys who understand that hiring an attorney can be an expensive and daunting prospect for people with limited financial resources. 

The attorneys who participate with L.E.A.P. are committed to bridging the gap between the need for legal assistance and the inability to secure that assistance due to the limited financial resources.

We hold firmly to the conviction that all people deserve quality legal representation regardless of color, creed, religion, national origin, or socioeconomic status.

L.E.A.P. Practice Areas


Law You Can Understand

All too often the legal system can seem like a mystery for people.  We here at L.E.A.P. are committed to referring you to one of our practitioners who will provide cost effective representation along with the clarity you need to understand your legal issue.


Practice Areas

  • Family Litigation
    • Uncontested Divorce
    • Name Changes
  • Simple Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Advance Directives
  • Tenant's Rights
  • Copyright and Trademark
  • Personal Injury
  • Education Law
  • Small Business Services
  • Criminal Litigation 
    • Bail Hearings
    • Bail Review Hearings
    • Criminal Defense
    • Violation of Probation
    • MVA Hearings
    • Traffic Violations
    • Expungements 


Get Started Today

Don't wait! Contact us so that we can put you in touch with one of our L.E.A.P. Lawyers. Let us help you figure out your best next steps are. The sooner you have a plan of action, the better your chances of taking the correct steps to get the results you want.