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Additional Resources

Maryland Legal Aid

500 East Lexington Street

Baltimore, MD 21202

Phone: (410) 951-7777

  • Bankruptcy-A legal procedure for dealing with debt problems of individuals and businesses.
  • Child Custody & Support
  • Debt CollectionTo collect a debt or obtain payment; To recover goods sold on credit or in installments when the buyer fails to pay for them.
  • ExpungementsRemoving convictions from criminal records.
  • Foreclosure
  • Government Benefits
  • Housing
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Veterans’ BenefitsThere are federal and state statutes, that provide benefits, privileges and preferences for the welfare of veterans and their dependents.
  • Wage Claims

Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland
520 West Fayette Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Phone: (410) 837-9379
Fax: (410) 385-2616

Allegany Law Foundation (Allegany County) 

Phone: (301) 722-3390 

Community Legal Services of Prince George’s County (Prince George’s Co. only) 

Phone: (240) 391-6370

Mid-Shore Pro Bono, Inc. (Kent, Queen Anne’s, Talbot, Caroline & Dorchester Counties)

(410) 690-8128 

Montgomery County Bar Foundation (Montgomery Co. only) 

(301) 424-7651 

Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (All other counties) 

1 (800) 510-0050

Additional providers can be found on the Maryland People’s Law Library’s Legal Services Directory.

If you need to hire an attorney, here are places to get an attorney:

Miscellaneous Resources:

  • Maryland Community Services Locator; This website allows you to find approximately 9,000 health, social service and criminal justice resource programs in Maryland.